Solite Magnum
Product Overview
Solar Module 12 V / 5 Wp
Battery 12 V / 7 Ah of type SMF
Lamp / Load 3W LED Lamp
Daily Use 5 hrs Daily Use
Emergency Use 18 hrs
(For every 3 days of charging)
Rainy Season Use 5 hrs per day for 3 days
Features a) Table Top
b) 360º lighting
Indications a) YELLOW : ON      
b) RED : Battery LOW
c) GREEN : Charging
d) GreenBlinking : OVER Charge
System Housing ABS body with Polycarbonate
Transparent  diffuser
System Input Voltage 12 V DC
Driver Constant Output
Protections a) Short Circuit
b) Battery Low
c) Over Charge
d) Battery reverse
Packing Multi colored corrugated Box
Dimensions in [mm] 260 × 225 × 390
Weight in [Kg] 5.0 Approx.
Cable 2 C×0.5 Sq-mm of 10 mts
Mounting clamps L Shaped clamps
Suitable for Wall/ Ground mounting
Charging Jack MX 72,  rugged jack
User Manual English
Solar Lanterns and Specifications
Solite Magnum